I have completed a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Applied Cybernetics. I am also a qualified Chartered Accountant (Associate Chartered Accountant - The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India & Associate - CPA Australia). 


I have worked as a consultant and as a manager in the technology sector overseeing aspects of finance and strategy. As a consultant, I leveraged my experience at a large company to help start-ups scale, obtain funding, build financial models for new products, and refine their processes. My last engagement in the private sector was with WeWork, to set up data driven systems and analyse the risk of scaling tools and platforms across different regions.

While I am delighted and fascinated by the sheer variety of good wrought by technological progress, I am also acutely aware of the risks inherent in even the most benign seeming technologies. During my Masters in Applied Cybernetics, at The Australian National Univeristy, I focused on broadening my understanding of technology and the ways in which risks can be identified and mitigated in emerging technologies. The opportunity to experience and develop a radical curriculum, work with a diverse team of co-conspirators in the creation of a new applied science has been a great learning experience. However, this also involved stepping away from my comfort zone. While majority of my prior experience was working in technology companies, delving into understanding the building blocks of commercial AI-enabled technologies required an openness and willingness to learn, unlearn and learn again. A challenge I thoroughly enjoyed.


My research draws on my own experience of working within industry for over 7 years and has helped me better understand the ecosystem, and the needs of different stakeholders.